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Effective Interviewing Techniques

Effective interviewing techniques during the Interview Process will determine the types of employees that you hire. The employees that you hire will determine the success or failure of your business.

Secrets to Hiring Success reveals what Interviewer Skills and Techniques are required for that success


Interviewer questions

Interviewing Techniques

Interviewing a Candidate

interviewing job candidates

Job Interview Questions to ask

As well as much more - It’s a must have for a small business Human Resources Department


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Importance of the Interview

The structured interview and interview process are quintessential in portraying the company. Many people find that interviewer skills and successful interview questions reveal how successful a company is.

It has been my experience that the thoroughness of the interview process raises the value of the position in the mind of the candidate and increases the professionalism of the organization. Proof of this was noted in the March 1998 edition of HR Magazine, which recorded the following comment, “70% of interviewees feel that the interview process is a strong indicator of how the company operates.”


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