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Getting Rid of Misconceptions

One of the worst mistakes made in the interview process is that the interviewer lacks proper interviewer skills and interviewing techniques and makes a decision too early on in an interview. This problem often results in interviewers making choices on candidates before they even are finished with the structured interview they are giving.

  1. Most interviewers make a like or dislike decision about a candidate within the first 5 to 15 minutes of an interview and spend the balance of the time confirming their first impressions – positive or negative impression. This first impression will often taint the interviewer’s perception of the answers received. (e.g., A candidate who is perceived negatively will have his/her answers judged more critically than a person who is perceived more positively.)

RECOMMENDATION: Interviewers should make a conscious effort to reserve any judgment for at least 30 minutes to allow any nervousness on the part of the candidate to dissipate. Very often, a candidate who does not make a positive first impression can really shine as the interview progresses, while the candidate with a great first impression begins to diminish as the interview questions require more specificity.

By taking this step, interviews can be conducted with much higher success rates, and hiring can become much easier for companies. The best thing a company can do to increase their productivity is to successfully hire and keep company morale positive with quality new employees entering the workplace.


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