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Round Two

The interview process and structured interview both are effective to help companies choose the proper candidate for a position.  Although this is helpful, while interviewing a candidate for some higher positions, it may be useful to have a second round of interviews.

“For senior-level positions, I’m an advocate of a 2nd round of interviews for the top two or three candidates. If you are inclined to use a 2nd interview, here are a few suggestions for formats that you could follow:

- You can conduct a working interview, where you have employees of the firm describe a situation that the executive will be handling. Then, the interview team and the candidate brainstorm solutions to the situation along with projected positive and negative consequences.

- You can use the scenarios, situations, and case studies that were noted in a previous section at this interview.

- The 2nd interview could be more of a social event such as golf, dinner, a sporting event, etc. where there is less emphasis on formality.

- Second interviews are great opportunities to include the candidate’s spouse. My suggestion is to establish an agenda for the spouse that is separate from the candidate’s agenda. Then establish joint activities later in the day to observe how the candidate and spouse interact together.”

The best thing about a second round of interviews is that,  if anything, they will reinforce things that you already know about a candidate.  Performance appraisals will be properly filled out, and employee reviews will be more accurate.


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Hire for the Position

One problem that many interviewers have while interviewing a candidate in a structured interview is that they too often hire a candidate who has similar soft skills and abilities as themselves.  This can work on occasion, but too often, interviewers are not interviewing for a position that needs those traits, and hiring success is far lower than it should be.

“Most interviewers tend to “hire in their own image,” rather than the image that fits the position.

RECOMMENDATION: Interviewers need to understand their own behavioral strengths and weaknesses and the behavioral profile required for the open position before interviewing any candidates. An impatient and hard charging executive, who is interviewing individuals for a customer service position may end up selecting a candidate who is the soft skills mirror image of the executive, rather than hiring a person with the patience and empathy skills required for the position. Later, the executive will often wonder why the employee is often rude and impatient with customers who call looking for a sympathetic ear to hear their complaint and resolve their issue.”

By hiring a candidate who suits the requirments for a position through performance appraisals, employee performance evaluation, and the traits seen through the performance evaluation process it is more likely that the correct candidate will be hired for a position.  By doing this, the job evaluation process will be utilized and the best candidate for the position, not a model of the interviewer, will be hired.


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