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Getting a Full View

During a structured interview, some candidates may not fully shine because their interpersonal skills are not as developed as other candidates.  This does not mean they are not just as good a candidate as another person, it just means that it may take some more work to understand how skilled they are, and how their employee evaluation form and employee review should be done.  Overlooking these candidates is one of the biggest mistakes interviewers make.

“Most interviewers don’t have the skills to “coach” candidates to give complete answers to interview questions. As such, less articulate candidates may be overlooked if the face-to-face interview is the only tool utilized.

RECOMMENDATION: Use a variety of forms and techniques as noted in this Secrets to Hiring Success in order to get complete details about a candidate and his/her accomplishments.”

By getting the full scope while interviewing a candidate, the job as an interviewer is much easier.  During the interview process, however, it is very likely that some candidates will not be able to reveal the full view of themselves solely in a face-to-face interview.  By doing some research and having other modes of communication between candidate and interviewer, the job evaluation process can be much more accurate and performance appraisals can be much more accurately assessed.  This will result in greater hiring success for any company.


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